AU students vote overwhelmingly in support of divestment!

After a week of hard, fun, and creative campaigning, 80% of American University students voted in support of divestment from fossil fuel companies. A referendum on the Student Government election ballot asked students if they support calling on the Board of Trustees to divest the endowment from fossil fuels. The Vote Yes to Divest campaign received support from all of the candidates running for student government office, and the results of the vote were met with cheers and a standing ovation.



Less than two weeks after a unanimous vote in support of divestment by the Undergraduate Senate, tonights referendum results solidify the position of AU students as squarely in favor of a fossil free endowment. We are excited to work with the AU administration and Board of Trustees to ensure that our investments reflect our values of sustainability and social responsibility. Thank you to all those who worked on the referendum campaign and voted for a Fossil Free AU. 


2 thoughts on “AU students vote overwhelmingly in support of divestment!

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